Technical Diagnostics on Rotating Machinery

Production stability through data analysis

Continuous monitoring of your systems

Digitalization is having a lasting impact on maintenance: HEMPEL Technical Diagnostics Competence Centre offers specialized services for efficient plant monitoring.

Predictive Maintenance (PDM) is becoming increasingly relevant as a further development and supplement to traditional maintenance strategies. Intelligent data analysis is used to identify suspicuous patterns in the condition data of various machine elements that indicate a fault. In this way, preventive measures can be taken and failures avoided. Downtimes and production stoppages are minimized. By predicting the best time for maintenance, the productivity of the system can be further optimized and costs saved.

The HEMPEL Technical Diagnostics Competence Center specializes in predictive maintenance, reliability-centred maintenance, proactive maintenance and condition monitoring.

Accordingly, we offer a comprehensive range of services for testing and diagnosing motors, gearboxes, rollers, pumps and other system components. In order to accurately map the condition of a system, information from route measurements, online systems, assembly, on-site inspections and repairs in house and much more is linked together and compared and evaluated with the expertise gained from many years of maintenance. In this way, we create intelligent and efficient monitoring systems, which increase the efficiency of maintenance and thus the business success of our customers.

We can support you in these areas

Applications of technical diagnostics

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Condition monitoring

Data analysis using online and offline condition monitoring

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Online systems

Continuous 24-hour monitoring of machines

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Total Asset Management

Everything you need for effective maintenance

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Industry 4.0

Digital production systems and networking

Preventive and reliable

Our Measurement Technology

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Vibration measurement and diagnosis

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Motion amplification

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Laser alignment

The combined use of all diagnostic procedures enables effective troubleshooting and a highly detailed examination procedure.

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The Technical Diagnostics team

If you have any questions about technical diagnostics, predictive maintenance and troubleshooting, please contact the Technical Diagnostics team.

Technical diagnostics, predictive maintenance & troubleshooting