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The right choice of motor can lead to a reduction in energy and maintenance costs and ensure that the application operates with the defined load and precision. It is crucial to find the right balance between torque, speed and inertia. The right choice of motor for drive applications usually brings considerable benefits in terms of performance, costs and maintenance. An oversized motor can lead to unnecessarily high equipment and energy costs. On the other hand, a motor that is too small may not have sufficient torque and speed to ensure effective performance.

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HEMPEL Motors and Drives steht für umfassenden Kundenservice, technische Beratungskompetenz und ganzheitliches Projektmanagement. Bei außerplanmäßigen Bestellungen oder Unsicherheiten bei der Auswahl von Produkten, Lieferungen, Projektierungen, Aufbauten und Services stehen wir Ihnen mit umfassender technischer Beratung zur Seite und finden maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für spezifische Bedürfnisse und Anforderungen.

Unser Sortiment umfasst hochwertige Produkte für den gesamten Antriebstrang von renommierten Herstellern wie ABB, Siemens/Innomotics, SEW, WEG, Nord und anderen, mit zuverlässigen Lieferzeiten.

Dabei setzen wir bewusst auf Just-in-Time-Lagerhaltung um unabhängig von Lagerbeständen zu agieren und die beste, schnellste und wirtschaftlichste Lösung für Sie zu finden.

Gemeinsam mit unseren Werkstätten führen wir präzise Modifikationen an Standardantrieben durch, um den Motor exakt auf Ihre Anwendung abzustimmen. Unser breit gefächertes Portfolio umfasst Asynchronmotoren, Frequenzumrichter, ATEX-Motoren, Getriebemotoren, Servo- und Schrittmotoren, Elektrozylinder, Synchronreluktanzmotoren, Gleichstrommotoren, Unwuchtmotoren/Rüttler, Kupplungen, Spannschienen und Riemenscheiben.

Three-phase motors

In 1889, engineer Michael von Dolivo-Dobrowolsky developed the first self-starting three-phase alternating current motor at AEG in Berlin and the experts were thrilled.

The visionary American entrepreneur and inventor Thomas Alva Edison said: “No, no, alternating current is an absurdity, it has no future…!”

You can be so wrong!

The three-phase asynchronous motor became the most important drive in the industrial world and is once again THE drive of the future, especially today in conjunction with frequency inverters, and is currently being further developed in the synchronous reluctance motor.

Close-up of three-phase motor
Small electric motors as exhibits
Electric motors next to each other on pallets
Close-up of a DC motor

Direct current motors

DC motors are characterized by their uncomplicated controllability and effective torque control, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Although DC machines are being used less and less in new systems, a very large number are still in industrial use. We procure replacement engines in the event of a fault, either as a suitable new engine or as a refurbished used machine.

Medium-voltage frequency inverter

Frequency inverter

A frequency inverter converts the AC voltage supplied and adjusts the output frequency and amplitude. In contrast, converters, such as inverters, are used to supply various loads with fixed output values.

More about frequency inverters

Five different sized servomotors next to each other


With their precise controllability and high specific power, servomotors are particularly suitable for applications with demanding requirements in terms of positioning accuracy and dynamics. Stepper servomotors are also available as an option.

Geared motor with a view inside

Geared motors

A geared motor combines an electric motor with a gearbox to generate a specific speed and torque. Geared motors are widely used in various industries such as conveyor technology, packaging and wind energy. They are operated with different voltages and are equipped with various options, such as brakes, sensors or servo drives.

Isolated representation of an electric cylinder

Electric cylinder

Electric cylinders offer precise linear movement and are an efficient alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic systems, ideal for automation tasks and industrial applications.

Close-up of fan blades

Fans and blowers

Fans and blowers are crucial components in numerous applications, including air conditioning systems, machine cooling and ventilation systems. Whether axial or centrifugal fans, small external fans or huge gas fans – we will find the right one for you.

Released clamping rail

Mounting accessories

Clutches, pulleys, tensioning rails etc. are indispensable accessories for both electric motors and various systems such as pump units in drive technology. Motor tensioning rails enable precise alignment of V-belt drives and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are particularly suitable for heavily loaded drives and can be used in a wide range of motor sizes. The use of clamping rails contributes significantly to the stability and durability of the drive system.

Procurement of spare parts

The procurement of spare parts ensures rapid availability and delivery in order to minimize downtimes and ensure the smooth operation of your systems.

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