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Repair and overhaul

Disassembly, overhaul

Gearbox revision for maximum functionality

When gearboxes and geared motors are overhauled or repaired, the machines undergo a comprehensive upgrade. If the replacement of wear parts, bearings and lubricant followed by any adjustments to e.g. output shafts or backlash are not sufficient, there is usually mechanical damage that requires more extensive repair measures. The installation of original spare parts is just as common as, for example, the reproduction of pinions, hollow shafts etc. that are no longer available.

Our in-house work includes a wide range of services

Overhaul – Revision

The revision refers to the systematic inspection of all gearbox and geared motor components. This includes an in-depth analysis, identification of damage, replacement of all bearings and wear parts as well as the lubricant. The aim of every overhaul is to restore performance and increase the service life of the machine.


Replacement of bearings and seals

Bearings and seals are the most common wearing parts in gearboxes and geared motors. Timely replacement and renewal of the lubricant prevents consequential damage to expensive components such as shafts and gears.

Maintenance – Repair

As soon as there is damage that cannot be repaired by replacing bearings, seals and other wear parts, the cost increases significantly. As a rule, original spare parts from the gearbox manufacturer are required; pinions, for example, are replaced in pairs. In rare cases, it is necessary to reproduce spare parts that are no longer available.

Documentation of the repair success

All measures, repairs and improvements carried out are precisely documented. Geometry measurements, running tests such as heating, vibration and noise measurements are recorded in the comprehensive test protocol. All minutes are archived for at least ten years. This gives us complete access to the equipment history in the event of subsequent repairs.

Gearbox during geometry measurement

Geometry measurement

Geometry measurement is a process for precisely measuring and checking the geometric aspects of components in gearboxes and geared motors. This includes measurements of shapes, sizes, angles and other geometric properties. The geometry measurement is of great importance to ensure that all parts of the gearbox and geared motor meet the required specifications and work precisely.

Gearbox during the running test

Running test

Running tests are tests that are carried out to ensure that the gearboxes and geared motors function properly and perform as expected.