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On-site gearbox services

Exchange, testing, analysis

On-site inspection of your gearboxes

As a service partner, we offer customized solution options for professional repairs. Our 24-hour service includes the maintenance and inspection of gearboxes and geared motors directly on-site. It is also possible to carry out repairs directly on-site to ensure that they function efficiently and safely.

We use high-quality spare parts based on the repair requirements and ensure efficient maintenance with precise documentation.

On-site maintenance of a gearbox

Gearbox exchange

Gearbox replacement refers to the swap of gearboxes and geared motors, either due to defects or to adapt them to the requirements of the system.

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Regular inspection,
e.g. through video endoscopy

Regular inspections, for example using video endoscopy, are crucial for checking the condition of gearboxes and geared motors and identifying potential problems at an early stage.

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Vibration analysis

Vibration analysis refers to the investigation of vibrations in a gearbox and geared motor. This analysis helps to identify irregularities, imbalances or other problems that could affect the performance and service life of the gearbox.

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Our team for gearbox maintenance

Our support team is available almost around the clock for technical inquiries about gearboxes and on-site maintenance.