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Control technology and retrofitting for industrial systems

The requirements for a sustainable industry are particularly challenging in terms of precision, flexibility and energy savings. Control solutions such as frequency inverters, power converters and PLCs are reliable instruments for successfully mastering these challenges. We are your partner for innovative control technology solutions, both for new builds and retrofits. Our approach is individually tailored to each project and precisely to your specific requirements.

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Innovative solutions for modern control cabinets

Our approach is characterized by tailor-made planning and implementation. We understand that every new plant equipment is unique and places specific demands on the control technology. That is why we attach great importance to intensively examining the needs of our customers in order to develop solutions that are not only efficient but also future-proof. HEMPEL Steuerungstechnik works closely with system operators from conception to commissioning and brings its expertise to the planning and implementation stages to ensure that the control technology is seamlessly integrated.




Retrofit refers to the modernization and/or expansion of existing systems and equipment. As an alternative to building new systems, it is often possible to retain key mechanical components and modernize drives, sensors and controls to give the system a new, significantly improved function. The possibilities for expansion are manifold: production volume, product quality, energy savings and the fulfillment of legal requirements (e.g.: emission reduction, occupational safety, etc.). Problems with the procurement of spare parts can also be a good reason for a comprehensive modernization.

The integration of system status data also links maintenance and production to a new level of system availability and represents the step towards Industry 4.0.

Each retrofit measure is an individual, customer-specific project that is carried out in close cooperation with the operator. The combination of process know-how and our experience in modernization processes leads to astonishing increases in plant efficiency.

Existing systems are brought up to date by replacing obsolete components and integrating new, contemporary technological options. The solid basic structure of the machine remains intact and, in the case of large machines, the high costs of building new foundations are eliminated.

The decisive advantage for the system operator of a retrofit modernization lies in the considerably lower costs compared to the purchase of a new system.

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  • Control system construction
  • Process visualization
  • PLC programming S5, S7
  • Circuit diagram creation
  • Project planning
  • Process analysis
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • System optimization
  • Commissioning
  • Mechanical assembly on site
  • New construction of electro-mechanical systems
  • Retrofitting / modernization
  • Stepper motors and controls
  • Positioning drives
  • Programming frequency inverters
  • Switch cabinet construction
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