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Control and monitoring of pumps

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Diagnostic monitoring of your industrial pumps

Many pump (systems) are oversized from the outset because the desired performance parameters can only be approximated or the manufacturer provides for potentially required performance reserves. If you want your pumps to adapt automatically and flexibly to your requirements and thus only feed as much energy into the system as necessary, then we are the competent partner at your side in cooperation with Hempel Technische Diagnostik und Steuerungstechnik!

We analyse your system, control and regulate it to minimize and optimize your energy requirements.

Diagnostics refers to the analysis and evaluation of pump operation to identify potential problems, performance deviations or malfunctions. This is done by monitoring parameters such as pressure, flow rate, vibrations and temperature in order to be able to react to anomalies at an early stage.

Analysis of pump movements

Pump vibration analysis

Vibration analysis for industrial pumps is used to measure and evaluate vibrations on critical pump components. It enables the identification of anomalies and potential problems, such as imbalances or bearing problems, before serious damage occurs. Regular monitoring allows preventive measures to be taken at an early stage in order to minimize downtimes and extend the service life of the pump. This analysis improves operating efficiency, contributes to pump reliability and supports effective preventive maintenance. It is crucial for successful operational management in industrial applications.

Predictive monitoring

Condition monitoring

To further reduce your maintenance and repair costs as well as system downtimes, we are happy to monitor your system as part of condition monitoring for predictive maintenance.