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Fault analysis, maintenance work and inspections on crane systems

Finding weak points – extending service life

Preventive measures for lasting safety

Regular maintenance work is the backbone of a crane system’s safety and reliability. Our crane service carries out professional maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications in order to identify and rectify potential weak points at an early stage. This extends the service life of your system and minimizes downtimes and costs.

We offer a 24-hour emergency service to rectify faults and minimize downtimes. To ensure a fast, safe and efficient material flow, we also carry out maintenance on your machines directly on site. It is important to us that wear parts are replaced immediately if necessary to ensure the long-term functionality of your systems.

Safety standards at a glance

DGUV inspections

Regular testing and certification of your crane system in accordance with DGUV regulations is essential for safety in the workplace. Our crane service carries out these inspections to ensure that your system meets the relevant safety standards and complies with all legal requirements.

Inspections in accordance with BetrSichV. and UVV

We carry out the following tests prescribed by the employers’ liability insurance association

Electrical installations and fixed equipment

Annual inspection of cranes and hoists

Annual inspection of operating and load handling equipment

Annual inspection of gates

Ivan Tesic - Cranes contact person

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Your contact for crane maintenance work

The maintenance of crane systems is in the hands of our operations manager Ivan Tesic. Please contact him if you have any questions.


Ivan Tesic

Operations manager