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Training as part of our philosophy

We want to pass on knowledge

Our dedication to training is a central component of our services, because we firmly believe that personal success and self-realization depend largely on individual development. In an ever-changing world, lifelong learning is crucial and we are committed to supporting people of all ages through a variety of seminars, training and motivational events.

Our aim is not only to impart knowledge, but also to create an inspiring and motivating environment that emphasizes the individual potential of each participant. We draw on our extensive expertise and experience in various areas to provide practical insights and precise guidance.

With a holistic approach, we not only promote technical knowledge, but also personal development, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. We see ourselves as partners on the path to continuous development, not only by sharing knowledge, but also by encouraging people to recognize and develop their own potential.

We actively contribute to shaping a knowledge-based society through a wide range of seminars, training courses and motivational events.

What topics can we support you with?

Excerpt from our program

  • Technical diagnostics
  • Preventive maintenance with SAP
  • Condition-based maintenance in practice
  • Diagnostic methods using the example of a paper mill
  • The carbon brush
  • Rolling bearing lubricants
  • Analysis of defective rolling bearings
  • Modern diagnostic methods in maintenance
  • Laser alignment
  • Vibration seminar based on ISO Cat I – III

If you are interested, we can also create a customized seminar for you.

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