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Repair and overhaul

Maintaining the functionality of crane systems

Effective measures for future viability

To ensure trouble-free operation in the long term, it is essential that your crane system is overhauled at regular intervals and repaired if necessary. Our service offers comprehensive overhauls and expert repairs to ensure the functionality and safety of your system.

  • We carry out a general overhaul on all generations of chain hoists.
  • Our service also includes the repair of all Demag product generations, regardless of age.
  • We carry out repairs on products from other manufacturers to keep your systems in perfect condition.
  • Through preventive maintenance measures, we ensure that your appliances are always ready for use.
  • The performance of your equipment is ensured by final tests on our performance test benches.
  • If necessary, immediately replaceable devices are available to minimize interruptions.


We also offer fast and safe repairs for a wide range of products, including chain hoists, wire rope hoists, gearboxes, motors, remote controls, lifting magnets, frequency converters, DR wire rope hoist controls, grabs, disk brakes, wheel blocks, slip force testers, slings and load handling attachments.