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We install inverters directly on your premises

HEMPEL PLC engineers takes care of the professional installation and commissioning of your frequency inverters. Smooth integration into your systems ensures trouble-free operation.

We are available on site and around the clock to support you in the precise control of your systems. This enables us to reduce energy consumption, extend the service life of the machines and cut operating costs. Whether in the event of an unexpected breakdown or an unplanned shutdown, after a thorough analysis we work with you as the system operator to decide whether to purchase a new system, replace or repair parts.

We offer regular maintenance and technical support to ensure that your frequency inverters continue to function optimally.

A first overview

Design and function of frequency inverters


HEMPEL PLC engineers ensure smooth operation of the frequency inverters by repairing and replacing individual parts. The basic structure of frequency inverters consists exclusively of electronic components, without any mechanical moving parts. These are divided into the following main groups:



Converts AC voltage into DC voltage, uses switching thyristors or transistors.



Generates AC voltage from the DC link, adaptable to the motor or its operating point. Often contains sine filters for optimum voltage.

DC link

Consists mainly of capacitors and coils, smoothes the DC voltage and feeds it into the inverter. Can control multiple inverters for parallel operation, some versions require continuous power supply.

Control unit/control circuit

Consists of a control card or fieldbus interface for entering information. Performs calculations, monitors components and relevant parameters in the system.


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