Design, analysis and optimization of complex electrical systems

Engineering and project management as a complete Service

HEMPEL Industrial Engineering (HIE) embodies the quintessence and creative development of HEMPEL’s areas of expertise. Each of our specialists is a leader in their market. HIE accesses the multitude of these capabilities directly and without bureaucracy and combines them into customer-specific and highly individual solutions – both for maintenance issues of complex industrial plants and for specialized new plants. Anything that is not available as standard on the market is designed, configured and assembled as a turnkey solution. We answer unique questions with customized one-off solutions.

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We listen.

Our core competence at HIE is listening. We understand, formulate and verbalize the customer’s problem. Based on a jointly developed scope of work, HIE delivers the solution – interdisciplinary and responsible only to the interests of the customer. As a service provider and committed partner, we work closely with our customers, mastering current requirements and proactively tackling future challenges. This is what we are proud of.

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Rotating machines and spare parts for the world

Our expertise as an EPC contractor covers almost all areas of industrial processes. We start the concept phase with detailed analysis and planning, implement precisely and optimize continuously. The focus is on efficiency and quality . Intercultural competence and language skills enable HEMPEL Industrial Engineering to build bridges between different business cultures. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into the local environment. This approach extends across all project phases and ensures sustainable added value for our customers.

Solar panels and wind turbines

For a future in a decarbonized world

Our involvement in the Middle East goes beyond business relationships. We are committed to the Rio World Sustainable Development Goals and understand the importance of long-term partnerships. To this end, we invest in the development of local resources and talents, ensure competitiveness today and create a sustainable and positive future for everyone involved tomorrow.

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Our expert for engineering

The “complex systems engineering area is coordinated by Area Manager Mehrdad B. Abadi. If you have any questions, please contact him.


Mehrdad B. Abadi

COO/ Area Manager HIE