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Installation and commissioning of industrial pumps

Installation and maintenance of your pump systems

Professional pump installation and on-site-services

The assembly of industrial pumps includes the assembly and installation of the various pump components in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and technical specifications. This includes the connection of the pump housing, rotor, seals and other parts.

During installation and commissioning, the shafts of the pump and gearbox or drive motor are aligned with each other using digital laser alignment systems in order to minimize potential distortions and radial forces.


We work independently of manufacturers and ensure that you can continue to produce cost-effectively and without delays.

The installation team carries out the following measures on site:

  • Checking the system requirements
  • Checking the pumps and their accessories for completeness of the scope of delivery and possible transport damage
  • Carrying out or monitoring all assembly steps
  • Checking for leaks
  • Ensuring compliance with increased hygiene regulations for pumps used in the food sector
  • Correct alignment of the units with laser technology
  • Monitoring the initial commissioning
  • Test runs and trial operation
  • Documenting of operating data
  • Technical instruction of customer personnel