On-site service for your electric motors

Reduce downtimes

Our service for electric motors

Are you responsible for production facilities? The HEMPEL installation team supports you with comprehensive and professional maintenance in order to extend the service life of a system in the long term and reduce maintenance costs.

We support our customers with these services, among others:

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Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is the basis for trouble-free operation – and yet it is so often neglected in day-to-day business. Our service combines maintenance work such as oil level checks and refilling or carbon brush inspection and replacement with a visual inspection of the system for defects such as oil leaks or contamination. The actual condition of the system is checked regularly to ensure smooth operation of the system.

Lubrication service

One of the most common causes of damage to rolling bearings is insufficient lubrication, which is why we relieve our customers with a system-specific lubrication service. We select suitable lubricants according to system requirements and application and take care of delivery and storage. In addition to selecting the right lubricant, an appropriate quantity of lubricant is also relevant for optimum lubrication. Our service technicians relubricate the systems on site at regular intervals with the quantities required. This means that systems are optimally supplied with our lubrication service to guarantee damage-free operation.

Close-up of our lubrication service on the electric motor
An electric motor during operational balancing

Optimum operational balancing for reliable machine performance

Machines and systems in operation are often subject to the risk of dirt deposits, slight damage and wear, which can lead to imbalances. Operational balancing has proven to be an extremely efficient measure for reducing unbalance and the resulting increased load. This procedure is carried out directly on the installed rotor, without the need for a balancing bench. Mobile balancing devices enable the balancing of rotors of almost any size and weight class in an installed state, without time-consuming disassembly. Vibration measurements in several planes and the precise placement of defined balancing weights compensate for the existing imbalance and prevent possible consequential damage.


Laser alignment

Other reasons for premature failure are misalignment and imbalance. Only a machine that is precisely aligned and runs without imbalance during operation will run permanently without faults. For this reason, we support our customers with on-site balancing and laser alignment.

Laser technology for precision and safety: optimum performance in machines and buildings. We rely on advanced laser technology to ensure precision and safety. In the machine industry, our laser alignment ensures efficient adjustment of motors and units, using line and point laser systems depending on requirements.

Our dedicated team is at your disposal to use these advanced laser technologies effectively and provide customized solutions for your specific requirements. Precision, accuracy and reliability are our promise for optimum performance in machines.

Worker aligns laser for a test