Total Asset Management

HEMPEL’s comprehensive total asset management concept is the all-round carefree package – to keep things running!

To this end, a wide range of findings from maintenance operations, condition diagnostics, repair logs, damage analyses and the operator’s knowledge of the system are transferred into action strategies and ensure maximum planning reliability and productivity. This enables us to achieve sustainable improvements to the component at the technical position and reduce the risk of further damage. In order to realize the fastest possible response times, spare parts stocking or even the storage of an entire asset in reserve rounds off the offer. Of course, removal and reinstallation as well as logistics are also carried out from a single source Each concept is developed individually for each customer and system.

We have achieved many years of success with this approach, particularly in the field of electric motors (Total Motor Management). Total Asset Management stands for the competence to also include other components in order to keep the entire system productive – for example inverters, gearboxes, pumps or fans.

Experience shows that regardless of how advanced a production plant’s maintenance strategy is, the best possible plant availability can only be achieved by linking all plant-specific parameters and by implementing the improvement measures derived from them.

Just as inadequate lubrication is the most common cause of failure for rolling bearings, improper motor bearings can also unnecessarily impair system availability.

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The Total Asset Management team.

Project managers Joachim Jendrsczok, Maximilian Klamann and Ralf Langen will be happy to assist you in the area of “Total Asset Management”.

Picture by Joachim Jendrsczok, Senior Project Manager

Joachim Jendrsczok

Senior Project Manager

Picture by Maximilian Klamann, technical project management

Maximilian Klamann

Technical Project Manager


Ralf Langen

Senior Project Manager