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Vibration measurement and diagnosis

Professional measurement and evaluation

Electrical vibrations as an indicator

Recording and visualization of mechanical and electrical vibrations on units.

Vibration measurement and diagnosis play a decisive role in the maintenance and monitoring of machines and systems. They enable the detection and visualization of mechanical and electrical effects on units and are used to assess their condition. This important task can be carried out both online and offline. Vibration analysis allows measures to be taken at an early stage to prevent potential failures and increase the reliability of the system.

Online and offline measurement

Types of vibration measurement

Online vibration measurement

Sensors permanently installed in the system on site enable the continuous monitoring of vibrations in real time. This method is particularly effective for the early detection of irregularities.
Wired and wireless: Online vibration measurement can be carried out both wired and wirelessly (via radio). This offers flexibility and enables integration into different types of systems.

Offline vibration measurement

Offline vibration measurement comprises various approaches.

Vibration sensors: Vibration sensors are used to record data when a specific measurement is carried out. This method is well suited for planned inspections and tests.

Camera: The use of motion detection cameras enables the visualization and detection of vibrations and movements. This is particularly helpful for analysing microscopic movements and deformations.

Wired or wireless sensors: Both wired sensors and wireless sensors can be used for offline vibration measurement. These offer flexibility in data collection and enable targeted analysis. They also avoid exposing the measurement technician to a potentially dangerous situation.

The combination of online and offline vibration measurement and the selection of suitable recording methods are crucial for monitoring the condition of machines and systems, detecting problems at an early stage and preventing costly failures.