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Industry 4.0

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Industrial digitalization

Industry 4.0 refers to projects that aim for the comprehensive digitalization of industrial production.

The term “Industry 4.0” aims to herald a fourth industrial revolution:
The first industrial revolution originally began with mechanization using water power and steam. This was followed by the second industrial revolution, which was characterized by mass production with assembly lines and electrical energy. This was followed by the third industrial revolution, or digital revolution, in which electronics and IT (in particular programmable logic controllers and CNC machines) were used to automate production.

We are responding to the increasing complexity resulting from the digitalization and networking of production facilities with Maintenance 4.0: by collecting and managing all relevant data in knowledge databases, we create the conditions for successful maintenance decisions.

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If you have any questions about technical diagnostics, predictive maintenance and troubleshooting, please contact the Technical Diagnostics team.

Technical diagnostics, predictive maintenance & troubleshooting