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Continuous 24-hour monitoring of critical machinery, including production-dependent plant and machinery, plays a crucial role in increasing the reliability, safety and efficiency of industrial plants. In particular, the integration of an online vibration monitoring system, such as offered by ACOEM Systems, helps to increase productivity and positively influence business success.

Early detection of problems:

By continuously monitoring the machines or systems, irregularities or anomalies in the vibrations can be detected at an early stage. This makes it possible to tackle potential problems at an early stage before they lead to serious failures or damage.

Improved security:

Vibration monitoring can detect potentially dangerous conditions that could affect the safety of employees and the system itself. Early warnings make it possible to take appropriate measures to prevent accidents.

Cost savings:

Effective preventive maintenance and the avoidance of unplanned downtime can mean significant cost savings for a company. The repair or replacement of parts is usually more expensive than planned maintenance work.


Condition monitoring allows us to collect data that we can use to make a diagnosis. We then use this diagnostic data to develop a plan to prevent unplanned downtime.

Preventive maintenance:

Online vibration monitoring helps to implement a preventive maintenance strategy. Based on trends and analyses of the vibration data, maintenance measures can be planned and implemented in order to minimize downtimes and extend the service life of the systems.

Optimization of system performance:

By continuously monitoring vibration patterns, operating conditions can be optimized and inefficient working methods or equipment can be identified. This helps to improve the overall performance of the systems.

Long-term data acquisition and analysis:

Online vibration monitoring systems enable the long-term collection of data that can be used for comprehensive analysis and optimization of operational processes and efficiency. Trends over a longer period of time can be used to make long-term strategic decisions.

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