Condition monitoring

Online and offline condition monitoring

Data analysis for early detection

Online and offline condition monitoring detects wear on key system components using practice-oriented data analysis of vibration measurements. Modern technologies and sophisticated equipment ensure a comprehensive condition assessment. Our approach to data analysis identifies conspicuous patterns and thus enables the detection of signs of wear and potential faults.

Our service includes the analysis of data both in real time (online) and at periodic intervals (offline) to ensure holistic monitoring.

Using advanced sensors, IoT devices and other innovative technologies, we collect precise information about the condition of electric motors, gearboxes and pumps. This early detection enables proactive maintenance planning. By taking a preventive approach, we minimize downtimes, optimize service life and create cost-efficient and targeted maintenance.

HEMPEL Industrial Maintenance offers training courses and workshops to provide your employees with in-depth knowledge of the technologies used. Communication from expert to expert opens up the optimum benefits of condition-based maintenance.


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Technical diagnostics, predictive maintenance & troubleshooting