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Motion amplification

Visualization of the smallest movements in the system

Visual Monitoring through Camera Systems

Visualization and diagnosis of low-frequency vibrations with camera system.
The use of a camera system for the visualization and analysis of low-frequency vibrations plays a decisive role. Despite the availability of tools such as accelerometers, strain gauges and modeling software, it often remains difficult to grasp the actual problem. The simple possibility of visually capturing what is happening can fundamentally change the perspective and contribute to a targeted and cost-efficient approach to fault analysis and monitoring.

Although there are means of enlarging images or carrying out spot measurements on machines or infrastructure, there is often no way of capturing what is happening in real time and for the entire system. RDI has developed a pioneering, non-invasive and resource-saving method that makes it possible to go far beyond what is visible to the naked eye.

Patented technology

Motion Amplification®

With Motion Amplification®, a patented innovation, even the smallest movements are made visible to the human eye. No guesswork or theoretical assumptions about motion are required, as the actual microscopic movements of an object are captured in the field of view and visualized in their motion amplified. This allows more precise and effective fault analysis and monitoring of low-frequency vibrations.