Machine monitoring


Online and offline condition monitoring


Condition-based maintenance

Data analysis through condition monitoring


Condition monitoring is a key element of condition-based maintenance. Online and offline condition monitoring enables the wear of any system component to be detected by means of intelligent data analysis. This allows impending failure to be detected at an early stage and replacement to be planned in good time. In addition, the actual service life of the components is optimally utilized. Downtimes and production interruptions are prevented and the efficiency and safety of the system are increased. In this way, unused system potential can be tapped.


For continuous monitoring with the highest demands on system reliability, we recommend online condition monitoring, in which fixed sensors record the system status in real time. This continuous condition monitoring can record both long-term trends and sudden changes. In the event of damage, cost-intensive consequential damage can be avoided by integrated emergency shutdowns. Thanks to the complete documentation, the causes of damage and disruptive factors can also be identified in the recorded measurement data.

But whether online or offline solutions, we provide our customers with all our expertise and know-how: We record and manage measurement data, analyze and interpret it and create a detailed measurement report that serves as a decision-making aid for our customers. This means that we share responsibility.