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Condition monitoring

The condition monitoring is a key element of condition-oriented maintenance. Through online and offline condition monitoring the wear of any system components can be detected by means of intelligent data analysis. This recognized an impending failure at an early stage and the Exchange scheduled in a timely manner. In addition, the actual lifetime of the components is used optimally. Downtime and production interruptions be prevented and improved efficiency and reliability of the system. So, unused investment potentials can be opened up.

We develop innovative and tailored to the needs of the customer condition monitoring solutions based on proven components. Together we choose meaningful parameters that can indicate a damage of the component to be monitored, and find suitable locations and sensors. Which process parameters are monitored, is always individually dependent on the plant. The possibilities are endless, often to monitor vibrations, temperature, current, and resistance. Based on reference measurements under representative conditions we set critical values. The collected data are managed by us in plant-specific databases and evaluated with many years of experience and technical know-how. Measurement readings are shown to all shades of gray, we form a decision resulting in black or white and thus assume responsibility. The analysis results are regularly confirmed in a detailed report including evaluation and recommendation for action to the plant operator.

As a flexible, cost effective solution, we offer offline condition monitoring, where manual measurements with mobile measuring instruments are made in regular or variable intervals. So, long term trends and developments can be found. For a permanent monitoring with highest requirements on system reliability, we recommend online condition monitoring, where fixed sensors capture the State of the system in real time. This continuous condition monitoring can detect also sudden changes in addition to long-term trends. In the event of damage, costly consequential damage can be avoided by integrated emergency shutdowns. Through the complete documentation of damage causes and factors can be identified also in the recorded measurement data.

But on online or offline solutions, we provide our customers our entire expertise and know-how at disposal: we collect and manage data, analyze and interpret them and create a detailed report, which serves our customers as a decision-making aid. So we go with responsibility.


  • Optimal planning of the maintenance time point allows the early identification of wear and tear.
  • The life of mechanical components reduces replacement costs and optimal use.
  • The minimisation of outages and downtime increases system availability.
  • Plant optimization reduces the scope of repair also.


At a glance:

  • Cost reduction
  • Increase in value creation
  • Plant safety