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Services of HEMPEL Technical Diagnostics

Your goal is operating highly complex systems under safe and reliable conditions. Therefore we offer complete solutions for condition-based maintenance of  industrial drives and machines. Our range of services covers all aspects of analysis and diagnosis of engines and drive systems. We combine powerful test methods to obtain comprehensive knowledge of the mechanical and electrical system, as basis for  successful maintenance decisions. As service provider for the manufacturing industry, we combine modern diagnostic methods with long-standing maintenance competence. Our technicians have field experience in many industries. Each of our more than 800 diagnostic missions, 1,000 on-site-jobs, 2,000 small and medium-sized machines and 400 large machine repairs create advanced know-how. This combination of knowledge in diagnostics, repairs, and root-cause analysis create  extensive plant knowledge.

Every drive, every system has specific tasks, problems and weaknesses. Therefore, we provide diagnostic solutions and system monitoring, that are  we specifically matched to the situation in the production plant. With the flexible combination of simple, modular blocks, we find holistic and sustainable maintenance solutions.

Ensure the high quality of our service we  offer a precise project management. A successful project requires a structured planning and implementation. Schedule, budget and quality are monitored all over the job. Our service engineers are at the right time with the right equipment at the right place for a quick and goal-oriented work. Also, each project is extensively documented to ensure the fulfilment of the project criteria.

We assume responsibility. And we give our clients the security to be in good hands.