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Machine protection systems of Series 3500 – The classic one

The 3500 system allows a continuous online monitoring of applications in the field of machine safety. It’s a most powerful and most flexible system that is delivered  in a conventional rack design and offers many features and benefits, not available in other systems in the market


Machine monitoring system vbOnline

The new standard in machine monitoring

The vbOnline system allows you to monitor your important systems around the clock. It is a flexible, modular system that constantly and automatically monitors and evaluates the condition of the machine and immediately lets you know when there are emerging problems. Thus, it avoids costly standstill periods.

Compared to route-based data collection systems, the vbOnline provides a cost effective, timely and reliable machine condition assessment. You can monitor equipment and machinery in difficult or dangerous environments without safety risks.

vbOnline connectivity

Our goal is simplicity to manage complex situations. Each vbOnline module has a direct connection to the LAN/Wi-FI network in your facility. Whether on a single PC or in a network environment, our system is always as small as necessary and easy to expand. If your monitoring requirements are increasing, insert just additional modules to follow.


Machine protection systems of series 1900 / 2300

A perfect blend of compact size and multi-function capability
The stand-alone monitoring devices were developed for important equipment and auxiliary systems (balance of plant), which require a continuous machine safe-guarding, even if  the costs of a larger and more sophisticated monitoring system, such as the series 3500, are not justified.

The monitoring devices 1900 represent a simple and inexpensive method for the protection of individual machines or areas.

They can be operated together with our Trendmaster® Pro system for online condition monitoring or as a standalone device.



The  electrical monitoring device AnomAlert is based on an intelligent, model-based approach  to electric motors and measures the current – and voltage signals of the electrical supply to the motor for the detection of anomalies.

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Portable measuring instruments – for beginners and experts

The vb5® data collector is a route enabled 1-channel instrument, which performs data collection and analysis cost effective for you. With this measuring device maintenance professionals can take up data up to 6,400 lines of resolution with more than 95 dB dynamic range. IM buying a vb5® measuring instrument is the Ascent® contain software level 1.


2-Channel 4 gauges for vibration analysis

The SCOUT 100/140-ex and Commtest vb7/vb8 vibration analyzers.

They offer the possibility of 2-channel or 4-channel measurement and balancing on 2 levels. Its balancing capabilities allow a fast diagnosis and correction of dynamic unbalance. The meters combine accuracy, ease of use and large storage capacity. Zone 2 is certified for ATEX SCOUT series. The Commtest instruments vb7 and vb8 are designed for CSA class 1, Division 2.

  1. Users without previous experience or a previously recorded vibration history now on an expert system with base values from ISO standards rely.
    2. Experienced users define meaningful alarm tapes and must not rely on default values.
    3. Professionals can view their results objectively proven and compare with proven historical bases.
  • Full automatic measuring parameters and alarm settings based on expert system
    • ISO 2372 und 10816 Standards


With Ascent®, you can program your gauges with thousands of different machine definitions and routes level 1-3. A library of over 300 customizable parameter sets is also available, so that a wide range of possibilities exists.

• Route enabled – create routes in ascent® and send them to your device.
• CBDb – Commtest bearing database, database with over 30,000 stock data
• Time signal analysis tools
• Expert system for effortless set up measurements and alarm levels

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The all-purpose MotorAnalyzer 2 is used for checking electric motors and windings.


It combines 13 different test methods within a user-friendly and mobile tester. The combination of test methods, its compact design, as well as the battery operation, turn the MotorAnalyzer 2 into an ideal tool for on-site operation, especially in difficult applications.

For checking a 3-phase motor the three winding connections and the motor’s frame are connected to the tester.

This testing is done with four wire technology, providing high precision resistance measure-ments. After the Kelvin resistance test, the MotorAnalyzer 2 performs fully automatic testing via surge test, resistance and inductance.

The MotorAnalyzer 2 automatically switches between different tests via its internal relay matrix. Finally, a high voltage test is done to evaluate the motors quality.

In addition, the MotorAnalyzer 2 provides information on brush holders and turn-to-turn faults within DC motors.


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