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Condition-Based Maintenance of machines

Digitalization of all areas of industry  influenced and changed the production-related maintenance. Predictive maintenance (PDM) is getting ever more relevant as further development of classical maintenance strategies. By intelligent data analysis, we identify striking patterns in the condition data of multiple  machine elements and  indicate a possible fault. So preventive measures are taken and losses can be avoided, minimizing  downtime and production losses. The prediction of the optimum maintenance time enhances the productivity of the system further.

The competence center HEMPEL Diagnostics is focused on technologies from the fields of Predictive Maintenance, Reliability Centered Maintenance, ProAcitve Maintenance and Condition Monitoring.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for the examination and diagnosis of motors and production machines, gears, rollers, pumps and other equipment. To accurately depict the condition of a system, diagnoses from route measurements, online systems, on-site-repairs  or revisions  are linked together and evaluated with thae know-how from years of experience in maintenance. So we create an intelligent and efficient plant monitoring system, which increases the efficiency of maintenance and thus the business success of our customers.

Every drive, every system has specific tasks, problems and weaknesses. Therefore, we provide diagnostic solutions and system monitoring, that are  specifically matched to the situation in the production plant. With the flexible combination of simple, modular blocks, we find holistic and sustainable maintenance solutions. As a service provider for the manufacturing industry, we understand our task is not only to repair drives. Our aim is to identify the root cause of any damage and to fix that on the long run. So, step by step the entire system is optimized. We offer all necessary services under one roof – from CM through diagnostics to implementation;  put to work by our experienced electric motor craftsmen and engineers.

Our product is your productivity.

In addition we help our customers to cope with the current requirements of the industry 4.0 and thus to get and stay competitive. Dynamic systems increase the complexity of maintenance due to digitalization and IT-connections of production facilities. With continuous onlkine monitoring systems are  permanently under controll, but the resulting mass of data and facts can only be managed by systematic collection and interpretation Creating knowledge databases and intelligent data analysis we care for successful maintenance strategies.  4.0 knowledge management is the key qualification for modern maintenance strategies.