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On-site service

By professional and competent maintenance, equipment lifee in a plant can be sustainably extended and maintenance costs reduced. Therefore we offer a comprehensive on-site service for electric motors, pumps, transmissions, in addition to installation on site. We support our customers with these services:

  • Maintenance service
  • Lubrication service
  • On-Site-balancing
  • Laser alignment

In our maintenance service, we combine smaller maintenance tasks such as oil checks  or carbon brushes check and changing  with a visual inspection of the system for defects such as oil leakage or contamination. So, the equipment condition is regularly protocolled  to ensure a smooth operation of the system.

Insufficient lubrication is one of the most common causes of bearing damage, thus we support our clients with a specific lubrication service. We select the appropriate lubricants according to system requirements and application and take over the supply and warehousing. In addition to the selection of the correct lubricant, the correct amount of lubricant is relevant for optimum operation, a question that is far from irrelevant these days. Our engineers provide that service , on-site , reliably, at regular intervals with appropriate quantities to secure a trouble-free operation.

Misalignment and imbalance are further reasons for a premature failure. Only a precisely aligned and balanced machine is running permanently healthy.