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HEMPEL Total Motor Management®

A comprehensive technical plant management system composed as individual partnership between the plant operator and HEMPEL. It is  based on common objectives and service level agreements.

HEMPEL TMM guaranties reliable maintenance and high quality repair work on drives systems. It  uses State of the Art  diagnosis as a basis for proactive maintenance. Results from maintenance actions, diagnostics and repairs are stored in the MoDaLink® database and allow continuous plant improvement through effective knowledge management. It can reduce downtime and minimize unscheduled machine-stops, thus  increasing the efficiency of the system. Maintenance, diagnosis, repair, and replacement machines as a complete package.


HEMPEL Total Motor Management® means:

  • Maintenance and preventive monitoring
  • High-quality repairs
  • Knowledge management by  MoDaLink®
  • Optimization of the system in a continuous improvement process


HEMPEL Diagnostics and HEMPEL Elektromaschinenbau:

  • Maintenance and condition diagnosis
  • Planned repairs and replacement motors
  • Emergency repairs / trouble shooting
  • Documentation of technical findings in MoDaLink®

In total, this is an easy-to-go total package for your maintenance:

Our specialists create a motor report on the actual state of your system with great technical expertise. Based on this report,  we develop a detailed optimization plan to increase your plant availability. And we consult you to realize it.