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Maintenance and Repair of Ex-Motors according ATEX standard

The repair of explosion-proof motors and equipment requires a specific diligence. The operator is obliged to select a highly qualified repairer for maintenance actions. Prior to re-commissioning the repaired equipment must be tested and certified by a specifically qualified person with an official allowance.

HEMPEL is repairing Ex-protected motors for more than 40 years – including all necessary tests and certificates. Today, we have a total of three officially recognized “Ex-experts” in Willich and Zeitz. This ensures that even in the case of 24/7 repairs, a professionally controlled work with all necessary tests and certificates is guaranteed. The repair standard DIN EN 60079-19 provides the background for a repair considering all technical and legal aspects, as well as the interests of the operator for safety and fast availability.

For electrical explosion-proof equipment we cover these types of following explosion protection standards:

  • Compressive proof enclosure Ex-d according to DIN EN 50018 or DIN EN 60079-1
  • Increased safety Ex-e according to DIN EN 50019 or DIN EN 60079-17
  • Non-Sparking Ex-nA according to DIN EN 50021 or DIN EN 60079-15
  • Pressurized enclosure Ex-p according to DIN EN 50016 or DIN EN 60079-2
  • Dust explosion protection Ex-t DIN EN 61241
  • Intrinsic safety Ex-i according to DIN EN 60079-11
  • Maintenance, repair and any permissible modifications as per. DIN EN 60079-17 and DIN EN 60079-19



Non-electrical (mechanical) explosion protection

Non-electrical equipment that is operated in explosive atmospheres requires an inspection by an officially appointed person after the repair. These devices include, for example, fans, pumps, belt drives, brakes, transmissions and much more. In many cases, the operator is not aware that a certified acceptance is also necessary for the re-commissioning of such devices.

In the field of non-electrical explosion protection, we cover:

  • Equipment group II
  • Category 1D, 2D, 3D, 2G, 3G
  • Temperature classes T1 to T6 according to DIN EN 13463-1/3/5/8
  • In zones 20, 21, 22, 1, 2
  • In addition, the official approval includes  the certification  after the repair of old-type equipment for zones 0, 1, 2, 10, 11