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Our service for electric motors

The damage to a component can quickly affect the whole plant system and lead to significant downtime. To avoid high costs by production outages, the system must be repaired and put back to work as soon possible. As a service provider with particular expertise in complex production processes, we have experience in different industrial sectors. We know what a downtime due to a failed drive motor means for our customers.

For over 65 years, we are specialized on the repair of electric motors. We have the claim to detect problems on machines and to solve sustainably and in the long term. A maintenance-driven process of continuous improvement (CIP) helps  to avoid future failures. We repair electric motors and gear units so, that they gain a sustainable increase in value.

In addition, we supply replacement machines for quick reaction –  regardless of manufacturer. Our customer service includes comprehensive technical advice and finds the best possible solution for customer-specific needs and requirements.









24-hour Service:  +49 (0) 2154-49 89 0

  • Pick-up and delivery service
  • Technical advice
  • 24/7 availability nationwide
  • Documentation of repair success

Inhouse repair:

  • Overhauls
  • Rewinding
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Vacuum impregnation
  • Balancing
  • Blast cleaning
  • According to DIN EN 60034
  • Coating in any RAL color
  • Spare parts procurement
  • Certified repair of explosion-protected motors
  • Electrical and mechanical explosion protection
  • Modification and custom designs
  • 24-Stunden Service
    24-Hour Service
    +49 (0) 2154-49890
  • Hol- und Lieferservice
    Delivery service
  • Technische Beratung
    Technical consultation
  • Verfügbarkeit
    Short-term availability in Germany
  • Dokumentation
    Documentation of the repair result