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Service of hoists and cranes

Crane systems are the basis of the internal logistics in many factories and indispensable for the production process. Our crane service ensures the safety and reliability of crane systems. We serve systems from  simple chain hoists up to portal cranes with 50 tons carrying load. So, we can prevent failures and reduce operating costs. And most of all, we guaranty safety for the people working in range.  Our crane services include therefore:

  • Maintenance
  • Revisions
  • Repairs
  • Modernizations
  • UVV testing for cranes



UVV acceptance for cranes

According to § 26 BGV D6, BGV D8 and other work equipment regulation “cranes must be tested by a skilled person  according to the conditions of use and the operating conditions, however at least once a year. Test instructions of the manufacturer have be respected.”  We offer our customers a service according to these needs. The UVV crane test includes the inspection of all safety-related parts, attaching a test badge and creating  a test report including calculation of remaining lifespan. If required, we immediately perform smaller maintenance. We check the oil levels of all gear and take care of cleaning and subsequent lubrication work on joints, ropes, drums, bottles, rope guides, etc. and check the brakes.