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The companies of the HEMPEL Group

The HEMPEL group, based in Willich, consists of various companies and centers of excellence that brings together the common goal to ensure productivity and profitability of your investments in the long term and sustainably. Each business unit combines experience and expertise in various fields, so that we can flexibly respond to your needs:

The core business of HEMPEL Elektromaschinenbau GmbH is since 1950 specialized in maintenance of industrial plants. Through our many years of experience, we are perfectly aligned to the needs of process industry in international industrial corporations. With crane capacities of 15 tons we are able to perform electrical and mechanical repairs of a variety of electric motors, generators and units, up to 4,000 kW and 11 kV, DC as well as three-phase, asynchronous or synchronous. At each repair we not only eliminate the superficial damage, but also analyze the underlying cause (Root Cause Analysis, RCA) and fix it, so that the entire system is optimized and sustainably increased in value.

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HEMPEL Industrial Engineering GmbH a further member of the HEMPEL Group, implements customer-specific drive technology solutions on the world market. We supply engineering and project management for installations of electrical drives and mechanical systems, as a maintenance solution or in new systems. We are strictly committed to the quality of “made in Germany”. At the same time, we observe and respect the needs of local markets and cultures. In addition to the technical solution, we also develop concepts that fit the local conditions as well as the people who use them.

HEMPEL Technical Diagnostics centre of excellence combines many years of experience in motor repairs with state of the art diagnostic technologuies to optimize equipment productivity. Modern maintenance decisions are based more and more on a comprehensive knowledge of the condition  of the whole system. Successful maintenance decisions can be made only with data-based knowledge management. Our wide range of testing  and diagnosis of motors, gears, rollers, pumps and other equipment provides comprehensive information about the machine condition  and helps us to detect failures at an early stage. So we can predict the impending failure of a system component in time and plan an exchange in advance. This avoids production interruptions and minimized downtime. By Proactive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance we guaranty the reliability of our customers´ equipment.

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HEMPEL Antriebstechnik GmbH sells new and used motors, generators and other devices for industrial use. Our specialist sales staff analyzes the needs of your system with you and work out the right drive for you individual problem. We find the best solution for customer-specific requirements on the market. As an independent dealer, we act quickly, free from manufacturers´ interests  and flexibly, with our only focus on the interests of our customers. From our suppliers we demand  high-quality products of well-known manufacturers at competitive prices. In addition to technical advice, our service includes a comprehensive project management. We accompany you throughout the entire process, from planning an efficient system to startup. Our experts take over this project planning in  MS Project, logistics and construction.

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TOOLBOX provides all our services for smaller industrial units and producing SME. We are  the local service partner for crafts, construction, sprinkler and piping, metal construction, woodworking and many more. So TOOLBOX represents the classical motor repairshop. Our offerings include the repair, maintenance and new deliveries of small electric motors, pumps, generators and power tools up to 250 kg. Repairs and installations are carried out also on site in the industrial plant.

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Our regional repair facility in East Germany is ELMA-ZEITZ Elektromaschinenbau GmbH. Here, we combine craftsmanship with modern maintenance and offer professional and flexible repair of electrical machines up to 7.5 tons. Our range of services includes all kind of motor repairs, maintenance and services for the regional market. This manifold assembly and overhaul services include as well state of the art mechanical and electrical machine diagnosis.

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