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Cups for children

HEMPEL donates annual cups of the Hungarian artist Dèak from Wuppertal to the Association of Pastor Jacobs Primary School in Meerbusch-Lank-Latum.

These are limited and were manufactured especially for the company HEMPEL. The reason for the handover was the crafty afternoon, which has been a tradition there for many years.

In all classes various handicrafts such as felting, soaping, decorating candles, making cards, making jigsaw decoration, personalizing notebooks, offering and selling them to interested parents, friends and relatives. The proceeds of the day go to the Förderverein of the school and thus benefit the children. In addition to waffles and cakes, there was delicious coffee in the school cafeteria – thanks to HEMPEL made of 200 artistically designed cups.

Tassen an Schule


and with a lot of sun this year’s HEMPEL-Party took place in the company’s own garden.


collage sommerfest 2017

All the staff were invited with partners and their children and left the warm Friday afternoon until late in the evening with steaks, sausages and cold buffet. Willich, 2017


HEMPEL signs Charta of Diversity

Carta der Vielfalt



IHK Diversity Day in Düsseldorf

On the second IHK Diversity Day, 20 companies and institutions from the Düsseldorf region signed the Charter of Diversity on 23 May and thus declared their commitment to worldliness and diversity in their structures.

23.5.2017 Duesseldorf IHK Courtyard am seestern Diversity Tag © Copyright Fotograf Paul Esser 0177 2191545 verwertung der fotos durch dritte, in medien, werbung und internet ist honorarpflichtig.

Photo: Duesseldorf IHK

The guests were welcomed by Rolf Steinert, Managing Director of the Courtyard by Marriott Düsseldorf Hotels, and Chamber of Commerce chief Gregor Berghausen. On the basis of practical examples, Bianca Overbeck, ING4G – International Recruiting, illustrated how companies can use the topic of “internationality” as a competitive advantage. In times of scarce resources, there is no alternative to remain attractive to employees and applicants. Berghausen added: “Well-educated junior staff will have to apply less and less for vacancies, rather they are wooed by companies that compete for the best high potentials. A world-like location like Düsseldorf is equally attractive for well-qualified specialists and thus also for companies! “

The Charter of Diversity was signed on 23 May by:Sprachinvest GmbH, Düsseldorf, Jobcenter ME-aktiv, Mettmann, SMS group GmbH, Düsseldorf, AWO Düsseldorf Bildungszentrum GmbH, Düsseldorf, Fortes’Nickel GmbH, Düsseldorf, Synnous consulting GmbH, Düsseldorf, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Hempel Elektromaschinenbau GmbH, Willich, Mobilis GmbH, Düsseldorf, Jobcenter Düsseldorf, AWO Kreisverband Düsseldorf e.V., Arag SE, Düsseldorf, AlphaBit Webdesign, Ratingen, Agentur für Arbeit Mettmann, Reacme – physio + therapie, Düsseldorf, ING4G – International Recruiting, Düsseldorf, Kadomo GmbH, Hilden, S+S Medizintechnik, Handels GmbH, Düsseldorf, Courtyard by Marriott Düsseldorf Hotels und der Jugendberufshilfe Düsseldorf GmbH.


Dipl.-Ing.  Klaus Hempel engages in the mentoring-program of the philosophical faculty of Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf since 2014.

The program aims at the exchange of humanist sciences and enterprises for the benefit of both: The mentee gets profound insights in a working environment, receives feedback and consultancy while the mentor benefits from ideas and reflection from an academical perspective.


Jannis Benezeder, master graduate in philosophy and mentee at HEMPEL since 2014, will be presenting his experiences with the mentoring-program on 20 June at Schloss Mickeln in Düsseldorf in front of mentors and students interested in the program.

He will be looking back at more than three years of successful exchange, dialogue and decisions with mentor Klaus Hempel on various economical, political and business ethics topics.


Internships – just sniff


For Pupils

We offer students the opportunity to gain first practical experience during an internship and to get an insight in the field of electrical engineering. We also offer practical training for applicants to study  electrical engineering / electronics for drive technology

For students

We offer students the opportunity to deepen their studies in an internship in our company. It is possible to write thesis with practical reference.

We also offer each year  a place in Dual Studies (degree in engineering with practical craftsman qualification) in cooperation with Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld.
Requirements are good grades in science subjects, a fascination for industrial technology, good language skills in German and English. We look forward to receiving your qualified application.


Contact us:

HEMPEL Elektromaschinenbau GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. oec Birgit Schmidt
Siemensring 29
47877 Willich

Telefon: +49 (0) 2154 49 89-59
Mail: @


2017 –  The local nursery, the evangelical training facility in Willich, was happy about our donation.

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We can do it! … If we all join in!

The integration of hundreds of thousands of foreign  people in our society is a daunting task that can scare people. But fear is a bad advisor. And fear disappears, if you just tackle.

HEMPEL Elektromaschinenbau is located and connected to the community of Willich for more than 65 years. We have always accepted  people from distant countries and cultures, as interns, exchange students or employees. Many came, some stayed, some of their professional lifetime. They could learn a lot; People who have been trained at HEMPEL help to develop  industrial maintenance in many countries of the world. But in reverse, theHEMPEL-companies and our employees have again and again taken  benefit from the contact with foreign people and cultures.

Our Chancellor´s politics concerning the refugies is often  criticized, but this consequent politic is based on Christian and humanitarian values. We at HEMPEL stand for these values! Our world  needs no further discussion posts – instead we need  people and companies that give a  hand. We are proud that we succeed in many different ways to make our contribution. Because only the rapid integration of immigrants into professional life can give people, why they came to us: a life in freedom and respect , in self-determination and the perspective to personal fulfilling .

In cooperation with the Working Group-“Foreigners”  AKF under Mrs Jutta van Amern we won currently an employee in a permanent position from Angola. We took care of a work permit for Omar from Syria, who is proud to be able to care for his family again. We had and have a lot of interns and apprentencis.


Customers and employees contributed by fundraising to facilitate the arrival in Willich for many children after a perilous journey. And as private social engagement, Arab women are accompanied by women for  doctor visits and family supports in many ways – ultimately all a sign that says: you are welcome! We’re glad you’re here. And for people who want to build up a peaceful future, there’s plenty of room in Germany. That’s why HEMPEL is also a member of the network “Companies integrate refugees” of the Chamber of Commerce and of the BMWi.

For the future we offer:

  • Education and jobs for people with technical (particularly electrical) qualifications, craft or study
  • Apprenticeships as electric machine repair professional
  • Internships for students
  • Student jobs in computer science
  • Orientation training for the professional new beginning

Contact: klaus.hempel @       Willich, 2016