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66 Years of Excellence in Industrial Maintenance

HEMPEL is a 100 % privately owned group of companies under the general management of Dipl. Ing. Klaus M. Hempel, a dedicated engineer and experienced maintenance-specialist. As a 2nd generation family business, HEMPEL looks back on an entrepreneurial history beginning in 1849.

Long before electrical motors were invented, HEMPEL started as a civil engineering business. Times changed, so did our product.

The core company, HEMPEL Elektromaschinenbau GmbH, was founded in 1950 by Erich and Hilde Hempel, celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2015.

This particular unit is responsible for reparations and maintenance work on a wide variety of electrical motors and generators, including mechanical reparations of pumps, large transmissions and other forms of production machinery.

With crane capacities of 15 tons, we are able to perform electrical and mechanical repairs on rotating machinery up to 4,000kW and 11kV AC, asynchronous or synchronous as well as DC-motors.

Project Management

For repair and overhaul projects at HEMPEL, we have a team of specialists taking care of every work aspect. The Project Manager is the contact for our customer, communicating about what to do, when, how and at which costs.

Under his central guidance our diagnosis specialist and the Site Manager collect and process all information about the technical situation in plant.

Works Manager and the in-house-process planning AV-Department arrange the repair process and materials procurement.

If necessary, our motor-sales-guys in HEMPEL Motors and Drives care for an exchange motor or a rental motor bridging longer delivery periods.

We bring in experts for all aspects. They act on one aim:

We optimize your productivity